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A Whimsical Facade [Decaf]

brought to you by the makers of whim.

24 December
that the consequences of your actions really are just a game
that your life is just a chain reaction taking you day by day
she says nothing's forever in this crazy world...
aching fingers, adult swim, american eagle, ani difranco, animals, arghhh, aristotle, art, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, baking, being contrary, blake, books, bookstores, boston, bowling, buffy the vampire slayer, building worlds, california, capricorn, cartoons, cats, cayleigh, chaos, chaucer, cheese, cheese cake, chick flicks, children, children's books, chocolate, classic literature, coffee, coffee shops, coloring, computers, cooking, cute anything, cute hats, cute things, developing believable characters, discord, driving, dvds, e.e. cummings, editing, equality, europe, family, family guy, fanfiction, fiction, fishing, food, france, fun, futurama, game cube, garden state, germany, gilmore girls, grammar, harry potter, inspiring music, ireland, italian food, jeeps, john mayer, jonah cohen, kill bill, laughing, life, literature, love, magnetic poetry, making cookies, maroon 5, massachusetts, modern poetry, movies, mp3s, music, my friends, mysticism, mythology, nanowrimo, new age, night, nintendo, no doubt, norman rockewell, ocean, old navy, original fiction, peanut butter, philosophy, photgraphy, photography, plot, poetry, politics, pro-choice, procrastination, prose, publishing, rants, reading, recycled ideas, religion, shakespeare, shopping, singing, sleeping, song, spirituality, strange dreams, strong work ethics, style, sublime, taco bell, tatnuck bookseller, the torch, theatre, travel, traveling, umd, unruly muses, video games, w.b. yeats, webdesign, what not to wear, wine, wonder woman, writer's block, writing, yard sales.,